Fostering with Shannon Farmz is extremely rewarding, but can sometimes be emotional. We do our best to work as a team and offer the best support we can as a rescue, friend, and fellow foster. We want your experience fostering with our rescue to be the best experience you can imagine!

What we provide:

  1. All medical care! (Shots, surgery, wormers, flea/tick, heartworm prevention, etc.)
  2. Size appropriate crate (We would like all foster dogs to be accustomed to being crated when alone or during storms for their safety)
  3. Food (Appropriate food for age and breed size)
  4. Foster Packet (Includes all details and contact information)

What we need from you:

  • Love and Patience for rescue animals who may have never known human kindness.
  • Help training and/or teaching manners to rescue pets. (Some have never seen a leash, crate, or even ever been indoors. Takes time and patience to acclimate the unknowing to new things)
  • Communication on how the foster animal acts and any quirks they may have. (Do they like other dogs, cats, kids, leash, crate, storms, being outside/inside, water, toys, and what they don’t like)

Bringing a foster into your home can be so unimaginably rewarding but has to be done with care. Fosters will have to slowly integrate a new foster into their home and take into consideration the advice given in the foster packet. Sometimes it is super easy and simple, other times it takes patience and understanding. In the end they all just want to be loved and feel safe. Our mission is to give them what they need!